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Extraordinary Travel Experiences with Speedy Limousine

Extraordinary Travel Experiences with Speedy Limousine

Luxury, Elegance, Excellence

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Welcome to Speedy Limousine, your gateway to the world of luxury and elegance in limousine transfers.

Your exclusive ride in a limousine

Tour on the Lake Garda

Explore the unparalleled beauty of Lake Garda aboard our luxurious limousines. An unforgettable tour in the heart of elegance.

Tour of the cellars

Immerse yourself in an exclusive food and wine journey with our limousines. Explore the most fascinating wineries on Lake Garda.

Transfer to Disco Club

Arrive in style at the most exclusive clubs in the city with our limousines. The party starts already on board, in the atmosphere of luxury and fun.

Transfer for Locations

Arrive at your special destinations with the elegance of our limousines. An unforgettable journey of unique style

Limousines for a Wedding

Create unforgettable memories on the most special day. Your wedding in an experience of luxury and romance without equal.

Customized services

We make your travel dreams come true. With bespoke services, we turn every occasion into an experience of luxury, care and unique style.

Satisfied customers

Our customers have always been 100% satisfied with our service. On Google we have 100% 5-star reviews.


Quality service

Our Excellence at Your Service
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Speedy Limousine is the limousine professional and is the preferred choice by thousands of people every year for their special trips, and it is not difficult to understand why.

  • Certified drivers with many years of experience
  • Inside always clean and sanitized
  • Modern and high quality equipment
  • 3000W audio system
  • Spotify and screens with video
  • Smoke machine and laser machine

Our limousine

Travel Elegance with Speedy Limousine
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Welcome aboard the Lincoln Royale Limousine, a 9-metre masterpiece of pure elegance, imported directly from New York to give you an unparalleled experience.

  • Fiber Light Enchantress: Fiber Light lighting creates a magical atmosphere in the interior, perfect for ceremonies and exclusive parties.
  • Privat Panel: You have control of the lighting, creating the perfect atmosphere for any occasion.
  • Led Bar Refined: Flute and fridge for integrated bottles, to enjoy your favorite drinks in style.
  • Led Bar Refined: Flauto e frigorifero per bottiglie integrate, per gustare le vostre bevande preferite con stile.
  • Powerful Sound System: With 3,000 watts of power, the Sound System wraps you with crystal clear audio. Connect your smartphone via Bluetooth and enjoy music from Spotify and more.
  • Magic Smoke Machine: A touch of mystery and suggestion while you enjoy the journey in total relaxation.
  • Panoramic Roof: Enjoy breathtaking views through the panoramic roof.
  • Vibrant Atmosphere: The multi-effect interior neon tubes create an addictive and vibrant atmosphere.

You will live an unforgettable journey, welcomed in the world of luxury, style and comfort. Book now and make every move a moment of sheer grandeur.

Booking with us is fast and easy

Decide to live an unforgettable and exclusive night aboard an elegant and spacious limousine, leaving everyone speechless!

Our staff will be completely at your service to provide you with all the necessary information regarding our limousine services.

What are you waiting for! Contact us now to discover all the info

Special Deal!

Book now from the button below to get 3 free bottles of wine for the ride instead of 1.

From 25€/person.

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Frequently asked questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions from our customers, so as to make your booking as easy as possible.

How much does it cost to book a limo?

Booking a limousine has a price starting from 25/€ per person up to a maximum of 10 people. Then it varies according to the time and distance travelled by the limousine.

Will the return journey by limousine be possible?

By agreeing with the staff you can also make the return journey at the scheduled time, with the possibility of making stops.

Is it possible to have different wine bottles or more bottles?

Of course. When booking your trip you can request any type of drink and buffet for guests of the trip. You can also book packages with sweet, savory and wine.

Speedy Limousine will take care of everything!

Is it possible to have music in the limo?

Each limousine is predisposed with a powerful sound system, spotify to choose your favorite music, lase effects and smoke machine. It will feel like being in a disco on four wheels!

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